Scratch Off Lottery Ticket “Misprint” in New Mexico, believes he lost $500,000

A New Mexico man thought he won $500,000 on a New Mexico Scratch Off Lottery Ticket, Ruby 7’s. It turns out it was misprint. Actually looking at it , it just appears to have not been properly or fully printed and you can see that there is bit of the second number showing and the text under the number is not going to spell the number one. also the top prize for that scratch off is only $250,000 anyway. The Lottery  advised that it was an error at the printing company and offered him $100 in Lottery tickets. Take the tickets and run!
Hey, its Roswell stranger things have apparently happened!  :)  (8>/–<



Here is one guy who did win , $275,000 in New Mexico in the  Pick 5 Road Runner Cash  Lottery. .

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